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Events Prove to be a Winning Formula for Brands in Today’s Experience Economy

The live entertainment sector in India has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis in recent years, evolving from traditional forms to a dynamic and thriving ecosystem. This evolution reflects not just a change in entertainment preferences but a broader societal shift towards immersive experiences that connect people with their culture, stories, and communities.

One of the prominent events that exemplifies this transformation is Zomaland by Zomato Live. Recently concluding its fourth season, Zomaland traveled through vibrant cities like Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, culminating in a high-energy finale in Bengaluru. With footfalls exceeding 120,000 across all cities, Zomaland has established itself as a frontrunner in the live events landscape.

According to the FICCI-EY report of 2024, the organized live events industry in India experienced a 20% growth, reaching Rs 88,000 crore in 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels.

Zeenah Vilcassim, the CEO of Zomato Live, shed light on the industry’s post-pandemic growth and the increasing significance of live events for brands. She discussed three significant consumer trends observed during Zomaland:

1. Shift Towards Variety: Consumers today crave diversity and novelty in their experiences. Zomaland’s offerings, spanning music genres, culinary delights, and artistic expressions, reflect this cultural shift towards embracing new and disruptive experiences.

2. Sense of Community: Live events like Zomaland foster a sense of belonging and shared passion among attendees. They provide a platform for exploring new talents, cuisines, and perspectives, fostering organic learning and connections within communities.

3. Demand for Immersive Experiences: Attendees are no longer passive participants; they seek full engagement and immersion in events. Zomaland’s immersive zones like The Carnival City and Table for Everyone have been particularly popular, adding to the overall excitement and engagement.

Zomaland’s success can be attributed not just to its stellar lineup and engaging experiences but also to its multifaceted marketing strategy. Digital marketing played a pivotal role in driving awareness, complemented by eye-catching OOH advertisements and influencer collaborations.

In the Indian market, live events offer a unique advantage over traditional marketing methods. They create immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions on consumers, facilitating deeper brand connections. Zomaland and similar events serve as platforms not only for host brands but also for other consumer-focused businesses to engage with their target audience in real-time.

Looking ahead, Zomaland is poised to raise the bar even higher in the upcoming seasons. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences and unveiling innovative concepts, Zomaland continues to shape and define India’s live entertainment landscape.

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